Farpastpost Radio

Most of the time when I need to go “heads-down” and get some work done, I fire up iTunes and queue up my Work Soundtrack playlist (as pictured above).

However, recently I discovered the Farpastpost radio station. It’s hands-down the best hand curated post-rock (far past?) radio station out there.

From the site:

The radio version of the show is streaming 24 hours a day in 192 kbps mp3. Each week I upload the 2-hour show of newly featured songs and mix it with 20 hours of classic songs that haven’t been in rotation for 6 months or longer. With almost 10,000 songs in the Farpastpost radio stream library any given song will be out of rotation for 6-8 months before being re-played.

What makes this radio station standout, apart from the music itself, is the level of effort that is put into handcrafting the individual tracks. Need even more proof? They even make their planning spreadsheet available to the public. Truly fantastic stuff.

Give them a listen (and support!)


What are some of the other truly great post-rock or genre specific stations out there?