Keep Forgiving

A follow-up to yesterday’s heavy postKeep Forgiving is the concluding track for the album. It’s an encouraging poem full of real-world stories we can all relate to with a repetitive, encouraging message and reminder to choose forgiveness.

Keep forgiving as forgiven
We don’t always get to wear the white hat
Pardon is not always preceded by repentance
In fact, i think it’s exactly the opposite
If it were not for love, i would have never, ever come back

Keep forgiving
You can’t unsee what you’ve seen, but the world is colorful
Ferocious and majestic, without small men or straw men or me to blow smoke and mirrors from our machinery
That toggle switch is reductionistic
Let the pin go

Hate is a prison
I’ve told my stories, but they are yours
You may never get your apology, and on the day that you do, it may not mean a thing

Keep forgiving