Some thoughts on Apple’s Music Service

Apple’s new streaming music service is expected to be announced (launch?) next month. I imagine we’re all super interested to see how Apple will differentiate itself from its competitors. And if I’m honest, it’s been years since Apple has impressed me.

Below are just some quick (stream-of-thought) hopes I have for the service. Things that I think Apple could do to impress me and features that would set it apart:

  • Apple already knows what’s in our iTunes collection (those of us who use iTunes Match that is). I hope they leverage this for their new music recommendations.
  • One of the few features it’s competitor, Spotify, doesn’t offer yet is Smart Playlist. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple did? If we could create a playlist that say, automatically adds tracks to our library? Ex. “Automatically add (and download) new releases by Mumford & Sons to my library. Except those of which I already own.”
  • A web interface. Apple isn’t exactly known for creating good web apps. But I’d like to see the iTunes app not be a dependency for using the service.
  • More human curated playlists. To be fair, iTunes Radio does have some hand created lists.
  • Star ratings for tracks would be a nice touch as well.

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